Lori Hamilton… 1,000 Pounds of Creative in a 100-Pound Sack

How does so much knowledge, experience, and expertise end up in one single person? Take more than 30 years of higher education and hard work, mix in a broad range of opportunities, toss in a pinch of luck and a dash of good timing and you end up with Lori Hamilton.

Highly creative and boldly innovative, Lori blends an education in linguistics, a deftness in marketing strategy and a background in live and video performance and production to offer a skill set you won’t find in any other individual on this planet.

Lori knows how to unearth brand and product differentiation for a competitive advantage. In short, she does it for clients every single day and she did it for herself. Boldly creating and launching Lori Hamilton Enterprises, a company where her entrepreneurial spirit combines all of her talents.

Lori is good at everything she does… no matter what she’s doing.

Meet our incredible teams at Prosperity Productions Inc. and Earl & Grace Films.

Professional Highlights

She’s worked as a strategist, researcher and creative consultant for over 100 companies including Fortune 500 retail, healthcare, financial and technology corporations. She’s written and/or produced over 30 short films including corporate industrials, marketing research videos and Internet and television programming for companies like Microsoft, CIGNA and MTV. She’s written and/or starred in serious, funny and seriously funny videos for groups such as Funny or Die, iTunes and Fox Business News as well as numerous live performances at Second City, UCLA and NBC.

  • For examples of our results, please visit Prosperity Productions.
  • Generated $100 million in new business as VP of Marketing at Wachovia Bank.
  • Created positioning and distribution strategy for a multi-billion dollar building materials company, resulting in a 5% increase in sales and a 13.5% increase in market share.
  • Developed market position for a national personnel services firm. When the position was announced, the stock price went up 30% and when The Wall Street Journal said they “are the only company in the industry with vision”
  • Shaped a position and sales strategy for a business services firm that resulted in a 50% increase in sales and response to advertising with a 30% increase in margins.
  • Handled all aspects of marketing strategy and communication for a $500 million acquisition of a small bank. Although more than half of the branches were closed in the consolidation, deposit retention was 97% (industry average 65%). Case study was written-up in national publications.
  • Earned more than 15 regional, national, and international awards for creative work, marketing effectiveness and direct marketing programs including five Best of Shows and a Clio.
  • Worked with a wide range of clients including American Cancer Society, Belvedere Vodka, Carter’s, Citibank, ConAgra, Hilton, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, Mohawk Carpets, Novartis, PepsiCo, IBM, Outback Steakhouse, Samsung, United Technologies, U.S. Coast Guard and Yoplait.